Citadel Warthog II 12 Ga 20" Tactical Shotgun FWH1220-II

$299.00 $229.99


A tactical shotgun gun built for home defense. The Warthog comes on a semi automatic shogun platform. The ghost ring sights on the 20 inch barrel make it easy to acquire targets. Comes with a pistol grip with five round capacity and black finish. Has a rail on the bottom where you can mount accessories like a flashlight. Built to be tough.

UPC:  682146282641
Description:  LEG CIT WRTHGTAC 12M/MC 20B 4R
Brand:  Legacy Sports Intl|Citadel
Model:  Citadel Warthog
Type:  Shotgun: Semi-Auto
Caliber:  12 Gauge
Finish:  Black
Action:  Semi-Automatic
Stock:  Black Synthetic W/Pistol Grip
Sight:  Front:Raised Tactical Rear: Ghost Ring
Barrel Length:  20
Weight:  7.4 lbs
Capacity:  4+1
Safety:  Manual Safety
Receiver:  Black
Chamber:  3
Chokes:  CYL,MOD,Full
Butt Plate:  Black Rubber Recoil Pad
Categories: Semi Auto Shotguns
Condition: New
Manufacturer: Citadel
Model: Warthog
Caliber: 12 GA
SKU: 682146282641
UPC: 682146282641
Vendor: Gunprime
Reviews (32)
By Shirde Kawalsingh on 09/06/22
Great customer satisfaction

I had a notification from UPS with a one day delay because of customs, it arrived to the original day promised and was not delayed. My gun arrived as I expected with no damages and exactly what I seen in pictures. I will definitely recommend this website to others.

By RE on 05/23/22
Great Value

The Warthog II is a quality shotgun, and a great value for the price. Shot a box 0f 25 1550 velocity shells thru it, and then had no problems with it ejecting any sub-1300 shot afterwards. The slide handle is a bit sharp, so replaced it, and the opening on the bottom for loading the shells is also sharp, so filed it smooth. The sites are nice, and easy to zero. The one caution I would raise is to check that everything is tightly screwed on. The rails and sites were all loose. Remove any oil and add a blue loctite to the rails and sites screws. I upgraded with the Binelli Supernova 8 shell tube, as many have done, and replaced the stock pad screw with a sling stud. Impressed with this shotgun, and would recommend it.

By Geoge on 01/07/22
Poor shipping

I love the shotguns. Poor and terrible shipping. 4 of them had their back sights pried off in shipping. All 6 had boxes torn because the shotguns were just put in a box and rarely around and tore the boxes open. One had the choke tube container shattered d. The plastic case was demolished.

By Larry on 01/02/22
Great gun

Test fired this 12 ga yesterday and really was surprise. Perfect for what it was bought for, home defense.

By JC on 12/07/21
Great home defense

After initial break in it runs great sweet

By T Bruce on 10/20/21
Okay for the money.

The sights aren't the greatest and the rear sight rail seems to have been knocked off in shipping . I having a hard time keeping it attached now. I've only shot a couple of boxes through it and it cycled well. Things had a tendency to loosen up after a few rounds, sights, magazine cap were loose and rear rail won't stay on . Keep an eye on the choke also. Everything was good after tightening. Hopefully I can get a replacement rail. I was shooting some 1280 fps low brass and they did fine. Great gun and price. Will do well for what I need it for.

By Fastlad on 10/16/21
Yet to try

Have not had a opportunity to fire it yet. Looking forward to range time. Impressed with the build, look and feel of this semi

By Frank Castle on 09/27/21
Great Shotgun for the price

Got the shotgun very quickly. I had already ordered the magazine tube extension so as soon as I received it, I turned it into a 7+1. Have put 100 shells through it with no issues.
I’d definitely recommend it. Anything or anyone on the receiving end will not be able to tell that it’s not a Benelli…

By Wade on 07/22/21
Excellent weapon for an amazing price!

Like the lines of it. Intimidating! Smooth action and looking forward to shooting it. Have had it since May 2021. Haven't owned a shotgun since 1981. Love the handgrip, feels good in my arms. Site picture is excellent! Would recommend to a friend...actually already have!

By Papa Chuck on 06/24/21
Best bang for the buck!

Shoots great! Lightweight and handles with ease. Love the peep sights = accurate. Best bang for the buck!

By ItsametLthing on 06/21/21

Love just what I wanted in home defense

By Donald Garrett on 06/02/21
Purchase went well and delivery system was good.

The shotgun looks good and fired well. I have had it several weeks!

By Art Singleton on 06/01/21
Simply a awesome shotgun

If you don't have one of these just BUY one and enjoy it!!!

By Scott C on 05/31/21
Great gun and service

3rd purchase from Gunprime to date. Excellent company, fast shipping. This 12g is a nice addition for my home protection. Will do business again!!!!!

By Chris C on 05/24/21
Very Impressive!

Outstanding quality, great twice. I have fire multiple types of ammo through this shotgun and fired perfectly.

By Danny C on 05/14/21
Nice shotgun

I bought this shotgun from Gunprime about 2 months ago, I paid more $318 plus FFL fee. I took the gun apart as soon as I got it, and cleaned it good. The rear dove tail rail was loose, I loosened the screws and pushed the dove tail all the way forward, and added blue loctite to screws and tight down. I was kind of worried about this shotgun because when I load round in chamber, and 4 in the tube, when I pulled back on charging handle it ejected the round in chamber, but would not load another round when I pulled the charging handle and let go. I read on some forum, that the gas pressure loads the round when you fire gun. So I loaded up 1 round in chamber, and four in tube and all 5 rds fired good. Shot about 30 rds of 3000 fps buck shot #4 with no FTF or FTE. This gun works great. Just remember to keep loading rounds after you fire coupe rounds, and this gun will keep firing as long as your shoulder will hold out. It does kick pretty good, had to stop shooting after 30 rds because my shoulder was sore after firing that many rounds. Gunprime shipped this shotgun in a timely matter, and was in great condition when it arrived at my FFL. At this price of $229, I would jump on this fast, at that price. To me, it's worth what I paid, and was a great deal for a semi auto shotgun.

By terry on 03/18/21
the whole buying process wass professional from start to finish. received it very quickly!

Seems to be very good quality for the money, comfortable to hold. Have not had chance to shoot it because can't find ammo!

By terry on 03/18/21
the whole buying process wass professional from start to finish. received it very quickly!

Seems to be very good quality for the money, comfortable to hold. Have not had chance to shoot it because can't find ammo!

By Dodger on 03/18/21
Great shotgun

No problems so far. It has run everything that I've tried in it. I like the light weight and raised sights. Recoil isn't bad at all. My other shotgun is a pump, so this is a real improvement. The length of pull seems a little longer than I like.,but thats a personal preference. I would definitely buy again. Gunprime is a great place to do business. Will be biying from them again.

By Mel Carruth on 03/11/21
Awesome shotgun. Ordering, shipping and receiving was a snap. I will be ordering from Gunprime again. ******

The shotgun is easy to handle and offers three choke options. Home defense or sport shooting are also options. I would definitely buy again.

By jim on 03/09/21
better than ok

had it three weeks. haven't used it but appears to be well made. functioning fine on the bench

By Jeff on 03/03/21
Beyond excellent shipping

Haven't fired it yet,but gun feels greatlooks excellent. Shipping was very very fast as compared to other dealers. Will do business with them again

By Bill on 03/02/21
Great gun, great price

My brother has one and loves it, and I like the way it looks so I bought one. It took no time to get here and I love it. It's shoots great right out of the box, the service is great, fast and I'm happy I got it. I recommend it to anyone who looking for a home defense weapon.

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By Bill on 02/27/21
Great gun, great price

My brother has one and showed me he loves his so I got myself one and love it. Out of the box it shoots great is a perfect self defense weapon, I recommend this to anyone who needs one. Great price too

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By Dr. Lou on 02/02/21
Gunprime is aces

I ordered this shotgun on a Thursday, and by Monday afternoon, it was sitting in my safe. The folks at Gunprime kept me abreast of my order/shipping, every step of the way. They have a new friend!

By visco on 01/25/21
great deal

easy to deal with and they are true to their words,,,,

By Ed on 01/24/21
The Ultimate Turkey Gun

I bought this gun for my son to use mainly as a turkey shotgun with it's short barrel and ability to take chokes. For this purpose, and obviously home defense, the shotgun is an incredible value for the money. Up until now, we've managed to put about 700 shells through this gun and it has functioned perfectly. No jams of any kind but we have cleaned the gun every 300 shells or so. Overall a great value and can't wait to see what it does in the turkey woods.

By Tom on 01/22/21
Great buying experience

Gunprime is a great company to buy from. My order was processed and shipped within a few days. I had a copy of my local gun shop's FFL and I was able to upload it immediately. They give up to date notifications when the item is shipped, where it is in shipping and when it's close to arrival. Definitely one of the easiest companies to buy from online.

By Me on 01/21/21
Excellent value and performance

If you are hesitant to purchase don't be, this shotgun eats whatever you feed it! Upon opening the box you will find an insert that says only shoot 1300 fps or higher. This is only required during the 50 round breakin period. Thoroughly clean all the oil from the internal components and then you can apply a light coat of CLP to the action parts. Check set screws on front and rear sight. At the end of the day I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for home defense or a fun range toy!

By Citidael Warthog on 01/09/21
After Out Of The Box...

Prior to purchasing the Citadel Warthog I viewed the below Legacy Sports Video on disassembly and reassembly and I am glad I did. As for the one I received it was no take it out of the box and off to the range. It was take it all apart, clean it and tweak it. Legacy video advises taking it apart anyway so I expected doing that. The shotgun was dismantled with only the stock left so I removed the recoil pad and checked the 13mm nut to see if it was secure and it was. Not the case with the rail for the rear sight and the front sight. Removed the loose rear sight and the loose rail and cleaned it and reinstalled with a half drop of Blue Loctite. Adjusted the rear sight and installed it. The front sight was loose and got looser after letting the bolt fly forward a few times. Problem was a too short Allen-head set screw. Replaced the Allen-head with a long Philips-head from a Kawasaki carb bowl. Worked great, looks ok after bluing the screw head.

The barrel was oily dirty as were all other internal components. Barrel, gas block, piston cleaned up very nice. The mag tube which everything rides on had deep scratches on one side about 3 inches long and was probably from a factory test fire. I polished most of the scratch lines out using various grades of aluminum oxide strips. Unfortunately the mag tube spring and plunger cannot be removed for cleaning so it was flush cleaned, blown out and lightly lubed with Slip 2000.

Components that go on the mag tube get cleaned and smoothed inside and lightly greased. The bolt gets a good cleaning and lube as does the inside of the receiver. While things are apart soften the sharp edges along the mag well with a strip of aluminum oxide. To improve shell loading depress and secure the mag plunger enough to lightly smooth the tube/receiver feed ramp with a small file and aluminum oxide strips, If necessary touchups can be done with Birchwood Casey Aluminum Black, etc.

Legacy does not advise taking the trigger group apart. However the trigger group needed a very good soaking in a solvent that will not harm the plastic safety switch, Use compressed air and lube all trigger group friction points. To help loading shells the trigger group ramp extension can be smoothed on its surface and along the edges. The extension points are also softened slightly so not to stick against the shells or a finger.

Reassembly can be tricky and nothing needs to be forced. The barrel has to be fully seated. The threaded sleeve in the forearm has to be set to coordinate tightening the forearm while allowing the threaded magazine cap to keep the barrel fully seated. Check barrel movement by hand or by looking at the barrel tang end with the trigger group removed. Only addition I will need to add is a 1/8" thick Kick-eez Cheek-ezz pad from Brownells. All of the aforementioned problems are very minor and seen often with many firearms costing more. Once done you'll have a keeper.

Excellent price, service, communication and very fast shipping from GunPrime.com

"Citadel KATAC-ATA12 disassembly/assembly" https://youtu.be/ARTYFSDqopMA

By Mike Thornton on 06/23/20
Love It

The Citadel shoots very good. Ejects the shells very smoothly.When i raise the gun to shoot the target is easily found with the sights. I would buy again. Thank you gunprime.

By Hector Guns & Ammo on 06/22/20

Purchased two guns through gunprime, outstanding service and prices.

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